Even though I have the completed project ready, I am giving the badger his own post first. I feel like he deserves one, since all the other animals got their own. And I have to admit, he may be my favorite. (Though I’m pretty fond of the bear, too.) I’m really pleased with the badger, especially since I’d been dreading attempting him. I didn’t have a pattern for him, but feel like I’ve gotten a feel for needle-felting through this project, so I was able to look at google images of badgers and create my own.

It is really incredibly satisfying, over the course of an evening, to go from a bunch of loose wool roving to a solid little creature my children will be able to hold in their hands. And looking at those google images, sculpting my own little badger, I noticed what cool black stripes they have. Starting just below their eyes, they extend up their faces and seemingly through their little ears to continue behind them. Something I never would have noticed without this project. Something seemingly unimportant, but still something I’m glad to know.

And now, without further ado, I present, the badger:

Felted Badger