We had been healthy ALL winter up until a month ago. Since then, one or another of us (mostly Tony) has been sick. I have this bad cold that I caught from the little ones, though luckily not their accompanying fever, and being a mama and therefore ineligible for sick days, I was feeling a little worn thin. Well, tonight, my sweet (and also sick) husband volunteered to take the kids after dinner and what did I do? I crawled into bed and read a book. It was luxurious!

I have always been a huge reader, devouring book after book, but I have to admit, I’ve read hardly anything in the last several years since Mia was born. I am deeply ashamed of this, and I’m turning it around. Reading tonight was so wonderful. So much better than being on the computer, finally writing those overdue thank you cards or doing dishes. It was just what I needed. Of course, the fact that I am reading Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World isn’t helping my stuffy nose much, what with starting to cry at the dedication and continuing right on through to page 107, where I stopped for the night. But it felt great! I feel recharged and what’s more, reminded of why I should read every chance I get.

And then I did get on the computer, and went to SouleMama, where I not only saw the cutest, twinkle-eyed little man in a beautiful knitted vest, but also discovered this beautiful YouTube video.

I may be making only halting progress on my own project, but my evening was filled with beauty and art all the same. I hope yours was, too.