Wow! I am completely blown away by the overwhelming response to my Mitten critters! Thank you all for taking the time to visit and leave comments!

I need to get started on my daughter’s Valentine’s Day present, but needed to recharge my creative energy a bit, so I borrowed some from this great post on a wonderful blog I discovered through Crafty Crow.

Here’s my version, made in chocolate, since I didn’t have any tan felt, and with extra sprinkles because once I get started, I apparently can’t stop:

Felt Valentine's Cookies

These were super easy to make and really rewarding. I’m sure I would have gotten them done even faster if I had followed the tutorial and done a running stitch instead of a blanket stitch, but I still finished them in one (long) crafting evening.

They were very well-received, and when I peeked in at Mia tonight, still looking at books in bed, to ask her where they were so we could take a picture of them, she informed me, ” They are in my fort, right by where I saw the little red dustpan, under my farm.” And there they were!

We had a wonderful day today — it was beautiful, sunny and unseasonably warm. We spent all afternoon at the park with friends, the kids playing in the woods, on the playground and on top of a gigantic mountain of dirt while we parents mostly lay on our backs in the sun. As we drove home, watching the brilliant red sunset, we knew it had been a day well-spent. I hope yours was just as enjoyable.