Hi, I’m Emily, the little sister in Little Sister Handmade.  Michelle is my big sister.  Growing up in Germany, where crafting is as much a part of life as fresh-baked bread or coffee and cake in the afternoon, we always dreamed about one day opening a little craft store together.  Now that we are grown, with families of our own, we sadly find ourselves 1,658 miles apart.  This Christmas, we decided we wouldn’t let a little distance stop us from crafting together, and so Little Sister Handmade and Big Sister Handmade were born.

Through these sites, we hope to share a little bit about our days, and mostly our crafting, with each other and with you.  There will be craft-alongs and tutorials, recipes and photographs.  We hope you will find some joy and inspiration here, and we hope you will share some of your joy and inspiration with us.  Welcome!