Thank you to all who have been following along as I’ve been crafting Jan Brett’s The Mitten for my little man. And welcome, if this is your first visit! It’s finally finished and I’m pleased with the result! I think he’ll like his little Valentine’s Day gift. I think his sister will probably like it, too, and exclaim, “he will want to share it with me!” which is only fair, since she is very good about sharing with him. Most of the time.

Here is the mitten I knitted using a very, very old pattern I picked up at a craft swap fundraiser for a local art group:

The mitten

It’s knitted with wool from the little working farm our county has at a park about ten minutes from our house. We like to visit the sheep there, and feel pretty good about using their wool. Not only do my little ones know the sheep who produced it, but their mama knows they are a rare breed and they don’t get eaten or have their babies made into kid gloves. Only humanely-shorn mittens like this one!

Here are all the mitten inhabitants (some simply crafted while looking at the book or google images, but only after learning to make some of them with this wonderful book):

All the animals

Here they are, eyeing the mitten:

All the animals and the mitten

And here they are stuffed inside of it:

Animals in the mitten

Oooo, it’s going to be hard to wait until Valentine’s Day to give this to my little guy! For those of you who haven’t been following along, here are the pictures of all the individual animals. Thanks for visiting!

Felted Fox Felted Hedgehog

Felted Owl Felted Bear

Felted Mole Felted Mouse

Felted Badger Felted Bunny