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Needle-felted Easter Eggs

Posted by on 01 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: Easter, needle-felting, spring

I needle-felted a little eggy goodness for the little ones’ Easter baskets. I spent one evening needle-felting two natural eggs and the next adding little scenes to them. Here’s a little peek at them:

Needle-felted Easter Eggs

Needle-felted Easter Eggs

Next up? Well, I need to still make those wee bunnies, as well as finish a little project I never finished last year, and I’m hoping to come up with a few more things.

Right now, though, I’m just feeling very honored to have been featured on Crafty Crow today! What a great and inspirational site — I’ve certainly found many a project to do and many a crafty blog to follow there!

Spring Nature Table

Posted by on 20 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: nature table, spring

So, I got caught a little bit off guard. I thought seasons always began on the 21st — but no, apparently not. Mia insisted spring was going to start today (the all-knowing preschool had told her so), but I said no, tomorrow. But then my own knowledge authority, the all-knowing NPR confirmed that today was indeed the first day of spring.

Had I gathered flowering tree branches for our spring tree? No. Had I made any spring nature table crafts? No. Had I scrounged together spring-themed books for the nature table? No. And worst of all, I hadn’t finished their little spring gifts. Little in size, not in time commitment. It’s the fault of those little gifts that I’ve been so absent lately because they are taking a lot longer to make than I thought. I imagine it also has a little something to do with kids staying up later due to daylight savings time (what about mama’s crafting time?), and the fact that we have a few other little projects we’re working on right now (Tony’s tearing up the old, peel-n-stick vinyl tile out of the front hall at this very moment)… but whatever the exact cause, I’m not finished, though very, very, close!

So, instead of scavenging the neighborhood for flowering trees, I bought some peach branches and pussywillows for our table. And instead of covering the nature table in spring crafts, I had to pull out some of my childhood German flower children figurines (they are so very beautiful, I’m glad I was reminded of them out of desperation). A little green roving in the tree branches to replace the white (some tears from Mia that it wasn’t pink roving), parts of the winter nature table that could be used for spring as well, some green mummy cloth to replace the white, and voilĂ , the beginnings of a spring nature table.
Spring nature table tree
Spring nature table scene

Spring nature table scene

Spring nature table scene

Spring nature table

I plan to add some craftiness to it as spring progresses and once I finally finish these not-at-all-spring-themed spring gifts for the littles! I’ll be back here more regularly now!

Mia’s Garden Plan for 2009

Posted by on 12 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: about me, gardening, kids' crafts, local food, spring

Normally by this time of year, we have our garden all planned out, our seeds ordered and some even planted. But last year was an abysmal year for our little garden and it has sapped a bit of our motivation. Oh, we’re still going to try, but we’re missing the usual get out in the dirt right this second bug that’s usually bitten us by now.

Mia, on the other hand, is ready for spring. On the way to preschool one very warm morning this week, she said, her little voice almost trembling, “The birds are making my heart beat faster because their song is so beautiful.” I love that kid.

And this weekend, in the 80 degree weather, she went outside to inspect her beloved strawberry plants that every year take over more and more of our garden. We never have the heart to stop them. Who can destroy a strawberry plant? Not us. Especially not after getting a taste of one of these sweet, sweet berries.

But back to Mia. She came inside, drew a garden plan and composed a song, which Tony wrote out for her. She also added butterflies, drawn from the letter “B” just like Fancy Nancydoes, though inexplicably she left out two of her favorite veggies — Snugger Shnap Peas and Tomatoes! Still, I think it’s pretty perfect:

Mia's Garden Plan for 2009